Machining Tips & Techniques

Have you ever wanted to load or unload groups of tools? Are you tired of calling each tool separately one at a time to the spindle? Try this using macro variables below:

#701=1 (your starting tool number, simply change =1 to =3 if tool 3 is where you want to start)
#702=10 (this is the tool you want to stop at, in this case its tool 10)
(insert your code to bring the tool to a place you want to pull it from the spindle)
M0 (Machine Stop, change your tool here)
#701=#701+1(increment your tool counter plus 1)
If[#701GT#702]THEN GOTO200 (have we reached a value greater than, in this case 10 (#702 from above, if so search for N200))
GOTO100 (loops back to top of program searching for N100, program continues from N100)